Selected projects with some of our favourite photograpy work.


As part of our brand-universe in the films “A city you thought you knew” for VisitFyn we created a gallery of photographs that could be used in the campaign.

Giulia Gartner’s

Yellow Jacket Journey

This was a project commissioned by @giuligartner to create the photographs to launch her Yellow Jacket Journey project, which was a concept shoot around her life exploring the Dolomite mountains where she grew up in her signature yellow jacket. These photos were shot on Kodak Portra 400 film for a timeless and natural aesthetic.


Through a vareity of comissioned of jobs we have captured the Denmark as seen from the sky. We have licenced drone pilotes ready to capture aerials be it in or out of the city.


EYDA is a Danish women’s activewear company focused on lifestyle making clothing that assists your daily activities. This shoot was part of the “Do What Makes You Feel Alive” campaign in collaboration with Morten Svane, which we helped shoot the video for as well. The goal of the photos was to capture natural moments that show the clothing in an active use situation. We embraced a soft and neutral colour palette to match the colours of the clothing.

Kristine Eline Copenhagen

Kristine Eline is a Copenhagen-based women’s brand with a passion for entrepreneurship, independence, and sustainability in both design, business, and everyday life. And with a dream of challenging the common thought on how to do business in the fashion industry. We created this photo series for their 01 collection. In collaboration we aimed for a natural and minimalistic aesthetic with a soft colour palette and contrast.

Victorinox Swiss Army

These photos span multiple projects with Victorinox, showcasing their watches, bags and travel gear. Victorinox wanted product-focused lifestyle shots that they could use for a multitude of purposes, social media, website content and had multiple images showcased in their flagship store in Switzerland. The photos are shot on a multitude of locations, including Norway and Iceland. Photos created with Daniel Jensen as subject and ambassador, assisted by Morten Svane and Malthe Zimakoff.